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Dalyan & around

  Mud baths (Koycegiz Sultaniye Kaplicalari) – The mud baths are big hit with kids. This is their chance to get in and get totally covered with shiny gray mud from head to toe. Kids can pretend they’re mud statues, and parents will be pleased to hear that the mud is good for your skin. Don’t worry, along with the mud baths is another thermal pool to rinse off.
  Kaunos rock tombs – Check out six impressive rock-cut tombs of the kings of Kaunos (Caunos), an ancient city in existence before the Hellenistic Greeks. Dating back to the 4th century BC, the tombs were whacked out of the cliffs high up, in a futile attempt to foil tomb robbers. The ruins also feature later Roman ruins, an open air theater, temple and stone lined streets, and a Byzantine church.
      Tip: A fun way to see the rock tombs and visit the mud baths is to take one a day boat tours or charter a boat for the day. The boat ride itself is fun, chugging up the Dalyan River, lined with reeds.
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