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Seattle - Day trips

Tillicum Village
  Tillicum Village – Take a day trip to Tillicum Village on Blake Island, for a salmon feast and stage show of the dances and legends of the Northwest Indians.
    Before lunch is served in the long house, watch salmon grilled in traditional fashion over an alder fire and see local artisans at work. After lunch, there's twenty five minute show with dance and music. Legends of the Northwest tribes come to life in stories of the raven who brings light to the world and ceremony of the masks, accompanied by the sounds of birds and falling rain.
Tillicum Village
    Take a nature trail through the forest, filled with sword ferns, Douglas fir and Sitka spruce, and learn about the plants and trees used by the Northwest Indians for canoes, baskets and clothing.
    Near the long house is a big grassy area and small playground with climbing structures, and a protected beach with driftwood and lots of smooth pebbles to skip stones over the water.
Tillicum Village
    It’s a one hour boat ride (each way) to the island, look for sea lions lolling on the yellow buoy in Puget Sound.

Editor's note: Tillicum Village is one of those places where parents remember going as children themselves. The show is not a slick, lavish production, the performers are local young people, the buffet lunch has plenty to eat, and there's time to run around the island.

      Tip: May to September trips are daily, in the fall and early spring on weekends only, no trips in January or February. We'd recommend the lunch trip, rather than the dinner trip.
    Issaquah –
      Issaquah Salmon Hatchery – Coho and chinook salmon are hatched here, the juvenile salmon make the journey to the ocean, and later return to Issaquah Creek to spawn. The hatchery has a glassed in viewing pond, fish ladder, and aquarium with juvenile salmon. September to November, watch the migrating salmon returning, jumping up the fish ladder.
      Issaquah Salmon Days – A yearly parade in October, like a county fair, with lots of activities for kids – a carnival, parades, pony rides, puppet theater, dress up as animals and more.
    North Bend area – This is a great area for hiking with kids.
      Mount Si In good weather, hike up Mount Si (named for Josiah Merritt), just go up the trail as far as you like. There are several good places to stop and admire the view as you head up the mountain. If you have teens, it’s a 4 mile hike to the top, 4,000+ elevation gain.
      Iron Horse Trail – Start at Rattlesnake Lake and follow the trail east around the lake for a couple of miles. It’s an easy trail, and along the way, you’ll see huge boulders that are originally from Montana and were carried here by a flood way back when. (Despite the name, there are no rattlesnakes in western Washington.)
      Twin Falls – Short hike (1.5 miles) to spectacular Twin Falls, following along the Snoqualmie River through ferns and old growth trees, trail is open year round.

Snoqualmie Valley Railroad (Snoqualmie) – Buy your tickets at the beautifully restored 19th century Snoqualmie Depot, and take a short ride on an old-fashioned train. It's a twenty five minute ride to North Bend, on weekends, April to October.

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