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Mt. Rainier
In Washington state, travel from the northwest tip of the continental United States along rocky beaches lined with silvery driftwood, through misty rain forests, across snow covered mountain ranges formed by ancient volcanoes, explore islands in Puget Sound, ride to the top of the Space Needle in Seattle, follow in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark, explore a traditional long house, or kids may even want to look for Bigfoot.
    Olympic Peninsula
Olympic National Park
Cape Disappointment – Lewis & Clark
    Cascade Range
Mount Rainier National Park
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Travel for Kids has plenty of fun things to do with kids in Washington, but you'll need a fun place to stay.

Here's our own Travel for Kids hand-picked list of family hotels, all styles and price ranges, in neighborhoods that are comfortable for families, and near to places you'll want to explore:

Seattle Olympic Peninsula
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washington kids books Where Do I Sleep?  
Where Do I Sleep?
Jennifer Blomgren, Andrea Gabriel

A baby gray whale sleeps offshore, brown bats hang upside down in a cave, a black tailed fawn snoozes under the trees, brown bear cubs curl up in a snug den, a baby sea otter lies with his mom, drifting on a kelp bed, the stars overhead. Enchanting illustrations! (Picture book)


Curious Kids Nature Guide
Fiona Cohen, Marni Fylling

Explore habitats of the Pacific Northwest – forests with giant trees and diverse wildlife, beaches and tide pools, freshwater ponds with beaver and salmon, changing seasons throughout the year. 100 fabulous illustrations of animals, plants, and fascinating facts. (Guide)


Curious Kids Nature Guide
1 2 3 salish sea  

Celebration of Salish Sea that surrounds Olympic Peninsula, not just the marine life, but trees, birds, and rain drops. Wonderful papercut illustrations! (Picture book)

One stubby squid exploring below
Seven seals napping all day
Twenty clams for an octopus's feast
Ten thousand plankton glowing at midnight



When all was the world was in darkness, clever Raven stole the sun and gave it to the people. Raven flies to the shining house of the Sky Chief and tricks him into showing where the ball of light is hidden. Beautifully told, with fabulous illustrations. (Picture book)


Raven - Trickster Tale Pacific Northwest native american kids washington
Storm Boy native american tale kids washington  
Storm Boy
Paul Owen Lewis

A storm washes the Haida chief's son into a strange village, the realm of the killer whale people. Finely dressed people give the boy a blanket to wear, fish to eat, and they dance and feast, until the boy thinks of his own home. This is a gem. (Picture book)


Frog Girl
Paul Owen Lewis

The songs of the frogs are silent, but one frog calls to the chief’s daughter to follow her under the lake. There, a house shakes with fire and smoke, and the girl meets Volcano Woman. Gorgeously illustrated. (Picture book)


washington kids native american tale Frog Girl
will it blow  
Will It Blow?
Elizabeth Rusch, K.E. Lewis

Become a volcano detective at Mount St. Helens – sniff out trouble brewing from past eruptions, track down clues such as earthquakes, passing gas, suspicious bulges, hot spots. Engaging and fun! (Activity book)


Hello Humpback!
Roy Henry Vickers, Robert Budd

Hello salmon, bear and trees, flowing river, ocean blue – bright illustrations by First Nations artist and poetic story introduce little ones to the magic of the Pacific Northwest. (Board book)


hello humpback
larry gets lost in seattle  

Take a trip around Seattle with Pete and his dog Larry. When Larry gets lost, he runs through Pike Place Market and the Seattle Center, past the Fremont Troll, leaps onto a tugboat, and finds Pete, just in time to go through the Ballard Locks. (Picture book)


Celebrating Washington
Marion Dane Bauer, C.B. Canga

Take a trip around the Washington state, from Olympic National Park (with rain forests), to Orcas Island, up the Space Needle in Seattle, play music at the EMP museum, explore the Cascade mountains and Puget Sound, plus fun facts about sports, history and landmarks in the "Evergreen State." (Easy reader)


celebrating washington
w is for washington  
W is for Washington
Wenatchee High School

Washington state from A to Z in quick rhymes and illustrated with colorful photos. "A is for Apple. Each bite is so juicy and sweet, the Washington taste is hard to beat." (Picture book)


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