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Olympic Peninsula

Rising from the Olympic Peninsula is a range of snow-covered mountains, and the highest peak is Mount Olympus, named by an English explorer in 1788 who thought this mountain was beautiful enough to be named after Mount Olympus in Greece, home of the gods. A large chunk of the Olympic Peninsula is devoted to Olympic National Park, where kids can run through misty rain forests, swim in sparkling lakes, and hike through meadows with wildflowers blooming. And, the peninsula has miles and miles of beaches to explore!
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There's lots of fun things to do with kids on the Olympic Peninsula , but you'll need a fun place to stay.

Here's our own Travel for Kids hand-picked list of family hotels and vacation rentals, all styles and price ranges, near to places you'll want to explore:

Olympic Peninsula family hotels
Olympic Peninsula family vacation rentals
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Waiting for High Tide
Nikki McClure

A young boy is eager to jump in the water, but the tide is out, so he explores the beach, and finds ... barnacle glasses (along with four clamshells, seaweed that pops, a heron feather). As the tide creeps in, his family builds a raft, has lunch like the gulls, and soon the raft is floating – time to dive in. A perfect day at the beach on the Olympic Peninsula! (Picture book)


Curious Kids Nature Guide
Fiona Cohen, Marni Fylling

Explore habitats of the Pacific Northwest – forests with giant trees and diverse wildlife, beaches and tide pools, freshwater ponds with beaver and salmon, changing seasons throughout the year. 100 fabulous illustrations of animals, plants, and fascinating facts. (Guide)


Curious Kids Nature Guide
Sea Otter Pup
Victoria Miles, Elizabeth Gatt

Delightful story to read about sea otters you'll see around the Olympic Peninsula. Cycle of life for a sea otter mother and her pup – the mother feeds, washes, and snuggles the pup, and soon pup dives down to find food for himself. Beautifully illustrated! (Picture book)

Also easy reader: Sea Otters


Baby Orca
Mary Batten, Chris Rallis

On the peninsula, kids might see orcas from the shore. Read about a baby orca (she weighs four hundred pounds), as she learns to swim, play with other orcas, hunt for fish, and "talk" with her family. (Picture book)


The Tree  
The Tree
Dana Lyons, David Danioth

“For eight hundred years I have lived here, through wind, the fire and the snow.” Lyrical story of a Douglas fir, watching the salmon return every summer and young owls learning to fly, the river flowing nearby, the wind carrying its song. Gorgeous illustrations capture the enchantment of the Pacific rain forest. (Picture book)


Salmon Creek
Annette LeBox, Karen Reczuch

Beautifully illustrated story of a coho salmon egg that hatches in fall, swims down river to the ocean in the spring, and returns to the creek to lay her own eggs. (Picture book)


Salmon Creek - kids books British Columbia
Best Easy Day Hikes Olympic National Park  

Guide to 31 easy hikes in Olympic National Park, ideal for families (most are less than 4 miles round trip). Maps, trail descriptions, trail difficulty, and what you'll see along the way. (Guidebook)


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