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Banff National Park
Alberta has so much to offer, your family’s memories will be unique. Traveling with kids in Alberta, will it be glacier lakes nestled in soaring mountains or wide open plains and ranch land? Experience the Stampede in Calgary, go skiing in Banff or rafting on rivers and swimming in sparkling turquoise lakes, explore Dinosaur Valley, home of dinosaurs 75 million years ago.
    Canadian Rockies
Banff National Park
Jasper National Park
    Southern Alberta – Dinosaur Valley
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rocky mountain explorer  
Rocky Mountain Explorer
Annie Davidson, Stewart Ross

Unfold the Candian Rockies, and a take a trip across the mountains, starting in Vancouver on one of spectacular train journeys, rafting on the rivers, passing by icefields, hot springs, roaring waterfalls, and hoodoos, ending up in Calgary, plus more about wildlife and fun facts. (Picture book, fold-out pages)



Growing up in Alberta, Wendy was always outdoors collecting things, feathers, buds, rocks. On a school field trip, she found a fossil 100 million years old. Wendy went on to become a famous fossil hunter, one discovery is named Wendiceratops, and every summer she works on digs for Royal Tyrrell Museum. (Picture book)


fossil whisperer
 Fraud Squad  
Fraud Squad
Michele Martin Bossley

After a class field trip to the Royal Tyrrell Museum and working at an actual dig site, four kids get excited about fundraising to help the dinosaur dig continue. But what about fossils turning up in strange places? (Chapter book)


Free Horse (Mustang Mountain # 7)
Sharon Siamon

Teenage Meg has a way with horses, and would like nothing better than to spend her summer at Mustang Mountain, but she's stuck with a pesky ten-year old and her friend Thomas is out in the wilderness, trying to save the wild horses. A super horse story, set in the Canadian Rockies. (Chapter book)

The adventures continue, with phantom horses, rodeos, and wild mustangs in: Night Horse, Rodeo Horse, Brave Horse.


Free Horse alberta canada kids
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