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Banff National Park

Banff National Park
Banff National Park is Canada's oldest national park, and its turquoise lakes, glacier topped mountains, lush forests and meadows are spectacular scenery. Kids will enjoy a soak in the Banff hot springs, dabbling their toes in the icy waters of Lake Louise, skiing, hiking, or riding a gondola up the mountain for a panorama of the Rockies.
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  Bow Valley – If you're driving from Banff to Lake Louise, take the road less traveled. Instead of zipping down the highway, cruise along the winding road that runs through the Bow Valley - depending on how many times you can't resist stopping, it takes anywhere from an extra 30 minutes to.... Just going slower will help you all enjoy the views and there is a lot more wildlife to slow down for here! The road also passes some great log-cabin resorts, with family cabins with kitchens and river-rock fireplaces. Before leaving Banff (or Lake Louise) ask for hiking maps: there are lots of beautiful hikes in the Valley, clearly marked by Canada Parks.
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Deer, Moose, Elk & Caribou - kids books Canadian Rockies  

Fun facts about these fascinating animals you'll see in Banff National Park. A moose is really just the largest deer, elk make lots of squealing and grunting noises, mule deer hop with stiff legs like a rabbit. Also, how to identify moose, mule deer, caribou and elk tracks. (Picture book)


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Before you spot a bear up close, find out about the habits of black bears and grizzlies what they eat (honey and fruit, plants and leaves, fish, deer), how fast they can run (up to 30mph), natural predators (none). (Picture book)


Bears - kids books Canadian Rockies
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