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Lake Louise

Lake Louise
Lake Louise is without doubt one of the most beautiful spots on earth. A glacier seems to have split the mountains and created a turquoise blue lake at its lip. Kids will be impressed by the color of the water alone. Be here at dawn or sundown to see the amazing sight of pink skies reflected in the ice and pale blue lake. 
Tip: The crystal clear water in Lake Louise looks inviting, but it's cold!
  Chateau Lake Louise – Another of the spectacular Canadian Pacific railways grand hotels, this one is French chateau in style, beautifully blending elegance with a mountain lodge theme. If you're staying here, get a lake side room for those sun up and sun down views. Not staying? Plan a breakfast brunch in the Poppy Room (kid menu prices) or "afternoon tea" in one of the tapestry lined lounges to really soak in the beauty of the lake and elegance of the Chateau all at once. 
      Tip: Meals (even simple ones) can be pricey at the Chateau itself so if you'd rather not splurge there, check out the little village just below the lake for a deli, hotel pizza shop, and a small market for snacks.
    Row a canoe – People have been doing this for 100 years. Sitting humbly at the edge of the lake, with a soaring mountain behind it, you'll find the boathouse where they rent canoes.You can glide out across the turquoise crystal clear waters. 
    Hikes – No matter how fit, how young the children, how cold the day you will want to hike when you're here. Maybe just a stroll to the end of the lake or along one of the side paths. The views are stunning wherever you go.
    But, the hike to do (and we've seen strollers on this path, so no excuses) is to the Teahouses. Start down the path along the lake, then follow the first Teahouse sign. The path is not steep, but it is icy near the top almost all year long, so wear good hiking shoes, since round trip it's 7 miles. The teahouse was built by Swiss guides years ago at the perfect vantage point for the best view around the lake. The other great path is at the far end of the Lake, up a steeper path to the Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse. You'll hike past a stream and huge boulders, then, two miles up you reach a little building where you can rest and have – tea. (And other refreshments, of course.)
    Ride the rope – If you just can't do the hike but would love to see the views, there's an easier way: the gondola. Ask at the Chateau about family passes and the breakfast ride. For only a little more than the usual gondola fee, you get a full breakfast too.
    Go for a trail ride – In the warmer months, the Lake Louise stables offer hour long trail rides around the lake on sure footed horses. This is a leisurely sight seeing ride, not a gallop and rarely a trot on the way.
  Moraine Lake – Pull out a Canadian $20 bill and you’ll see Moraine Lake. Just off the road to Lake Louise (in the Valley of the Ten Peaks), don’t pass this by. The area around Moraine Lake is one of the prettiest places in Canada and there are lots of trails to choose from.
    Try the Wenchemka Pass trail for a great view of Moraine Lake. You’ll walk through alpine meadows filled with wildflowers and cross slide areas of huge limestone boulders to Eiffel Lake. You can keep going for another hour or so if you’re real troopers, and reach the summit of Wenchemka Pass, the line between Alberta and British Columbia.
    Winter activities –
      Ski – You can choose from three mountains right at Lake Louise, famous for powdery snow. Click here for details on lift tickets, snow report etc. 
      Sunny Tube Park – Grab a tube and slide down the hill – kids will want to do this over and over.
      Sleigh rides – Take a horse drawn family sleigh ride along the lake with Brewster Adventures. Sleigh rides leave from Chateau Lake Louise, December to April.
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