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In 1428, the English laid siege to Orleans along the Loire River. A year later, Joan of Arc successfully led the fight against the English, triumphantly liberating the city. Since 1430, each year Orleans commemorates this victory with a Joan of Arc festival in the spring.
  The Cathedrale St. Croix has stunning stained glass windows from the life of Joan of Arc (shown above).
    The Maison de Jeanne d'Arc is a faithful reconstruction of the 15th century house where Joan stayed in Orleans, complete with models of the siege.
    Don't miss the statue of Joan of Arc on horseback at the Place du Martroi.
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who was joan of arc  
Who Was Joan of Arc?
Pam Pollack, Meg Belviso

Illustrated biography of Joan of Arc. As as teenager, she had a religious vision that she must save France. She left her village, cut her hair short, put on a suit of armor, and led an army of four thousand to free the city of Orleans. (Chapter book)


Who Was the Girl Warrior of France?
Sarah Winifred Searle, Maria Capelle Frantz

Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc), called by God, sets out from her village to visit Charles VII, son of the king. She needs to get Charles' blessing, so she can lead France's army against the English. Wearing men's clothing, she risks being accused of heresy by the church, but wearing her armor and sword, Jeanne leads the French to victory. (Graphic novel).


who was the girl warrior of france
Joan of Arc  
Joan of Arc
Diane Stanley

Clearly told story of Joan of Arc – her youth in a country village, the great siege of Orleans (the English are sent packing), miraculous victories in the Loire. Richly illustrated in the style of medieval manuscripts. (Picture book)


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