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The Loire

The Loire region is dotted with castles along the rivers, and it's no wonder, since the French and the English had a major tug of war over who controlled these lands, culminating in the Hundred Years' War. Here Joan of Arc lifted the seige of Orleans, the kings of France made their royal residences, and, oddly enough, Leonardo da Vinci spent his last years and was buried in Amboise. There's so much to see, kids will become castle experts from their visit to the Loire.
Eastern Loire
  Orleans – Joan of Arc
    The Sologne
    Chenonceaux Chateau de Chenonceau
    More Loire Chateaux
Western Loire
  Fontevraud l'Abbaye – Eleanor of Aquitaine
    Le Mans
    Nantes and around
    Loire River Excursions – The Loire is a wonderful river for boating excursions. The river flows through a pastoral countryside, past limestone cliffs and storybook castles. Boat cruises are available from the Lac de Loire (across the river from Blois), in Tours, or Saumur.
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Joan of Arc  
Joan of Arc
Diane Stanley

Joan of Arc – her youth in a country village, the great siege of Orleans (the English are sent packing), miraculous victories in the Loire. Richly illustrated in the style of medieval manuscripts. (Picture book)


Who Was Joan of Arc?
Pam Pollack, Meg Belviso

Illustrated biography of Joan of Arc. As as teenager, she had a religious vision that she must save France. She left her village, cut her hair short, put on a suit of armor, and led an army of four thousand to free the city of Orleans. (Chapter book)


who was joan of arc
knights and castle  
Knights and Castles
(Magic Tree House Research Guide)
Will Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne

A nonfiction companion book to The Knight at Dawn, find out how castles were built, fairs and feasts, tournaments, battles and seiges, arms and armor. Packed with historical details and drawings, perfect to bring on your trip. (Easy reader)


DKfindout! Castles
Phillip Steele

Essential guide to castles – different types of castles, defenses and weapons, real-life trebuchet, great hall, dungeons, lords and ladies, entertainments, foods and feasts, peasant life, timeline of castle age, illustrated with detailed photos, maps, models and medieval artifacts. (Picture book)


castle dk findout
what are castles and knights  

In the Middle Ages, lords in castles ruled, and their knights fought wars. How castles were built, from wooden towers to mighty stone fortresses surrounded by water. How knights were trained, armor and weapons, famous battles, techniques for attacking castles (trebuchets, catapults, cannons), code of chivalry and tournaments. (Illustrated chapter book)


Stephen Biesty's Cross-Sections Castle
Richard Platt, Stephen Biesty

Wonderful details of a 14th century castle, how it was built, supplying the castle with food, what was it like when it was attacked, how did the lord of the castle live, feasting, tournaments, all illustrated with fascinating miniature scenes. (Picture book)


cross sections castle
A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver  

Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of France and England, sits in heaven discussing her long and eventful life with her friends, the Abbot Suger, her mother-in-law Empress Matilda, and William Marshal, knight and defender, while Eleanor waits for the tardy appearance of Henry II. (Chapter book)


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