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More Maya Ruins

  Uxmal – Uxmal is like the Parthenon of Mayan architecture, an exquisite example of Classic Mayan building style. Building facades are beautifully decorated in stone with geometric motifs, lattice work and carved figures such as turtles, jaguars and snakes. Despite the crumbled aspect of the ruins, it's not hard to imagine Uxmal at its zenith, a capital city in the 9th century.
      The first thing you'll see is the Pyramid of the Magician, a majestic multistory building with an oval base.
      In the Nun's Quadrangle, look for the "monster masks" stacked on top of each other and take a peak into the dark rooms.
      Climb up the Great Pyramid for an overall view.
      Don't miss the House of the Turtles, carved with turtles in different shapes.
      There's a Sound and Light show in the evening.
  Two other ruins in the area around Uxmal, Kabah and Labna, are also worth a stop . In the peace and quiet, it's easy to feel like those 19th century explorers, exploring the Mayan ruins for the first time.
      Kabah has an incredible stone façade, every inch covered with long snouted Chac (god of rain) masks.
      A remarkable feature at Labna is a huge archway that once connected two large buildings.
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