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Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore, is much more than skyscrapers and shopping malls. Kids can discover the cultural heritage of Straits Chinese, Indians, Malays and British as you wander through colorful neighborhoods. The island also has large nature reserves, brilliant tropical vegetation, and excellent wildlife parks.

    Marina Bay
  City Center
    Sentosa Island
    Tip: Singapore is chock-a-block with festivals – Chinese New Year, Haria Raya Puasa for the end of Ramadan, Vesak Day, a Buddhist holiday, Dragon Boat Race, Mid-Autumn Festival and Mooncake Fair, Nine Emperor Gods Festival, the Hindu festival of Deepavali (Diwali).

Fun food


Singapore has tons of street food that kids will enjoy (stick to hawker stalls rated "A" or "B.") Try Hainanese Chicken Rice, slices of steamed chicken servied with rice, dim sum, char shiu bao (BBQ pork buns), and satays. For young vegetarians and vegans, South Indian fast food outlets such as Ananda Bhavan or Komala Vilas have mild vegetarian meals (and they deliver). Also, the tropical fresh fruits are amazing, Asian pears, mangos, pineapple, tiny bananas, rambutans.

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Take a cruise around Singapore harbor on a Chinese junk, a colorful replica of a Ming dynasty ship. An additional option high tea with the afternoon cruise.

Imperial Cheng Ho Harbour Cruise
Singapore has so many different neighborhoods, so a good way to get to know the city is a hop on – hop off bus. 22 stops around the city, 2 different routes, including Little India, Sultan Gate, Boat Quay and more. Tickets are valid for 24 hours and you can board the double-decker bus anywhere on the route.
Singapore Hop On Hop Off Bus
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Singapore Children's Favourite Stories kids books  
Singapore Children's Favourite Stories
Di Taylor, Lah-Khee Tay-Audouard

Delightful collection of Singapore tales – how the island of Singapore came to be, an evil raja and a clever boy on Bukit Merah, forest spirits turn a princess into a tropical flower, an annoying prince names the "Lion City." Eleven stories with luminous, sparkling illustrations. (Chapter book)


Moonbeams, Dumplings & Dragon Boats
Nina Simonds, Leslie Swartz, Meilo So

Celebrate five major Chinese festivals – Chinese New Year and the Lantern Festival, Qing Ming, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, plus holiday tales, recipes, riddles, arts and crafts activities. Beautifully illustrated. (Picture book)


Moonbeams, Dumplings & Dragon Boats festivals kids books
Kite Flying  
Kite Flying
Grace Lin

Kite flying is a Singapore pastime, and an activity for the whole family. Ma-Ma, Ba-Ba and the children use sticks, glue, paper and paint to create a beautiful dragon kite. "Look up! Our dragon is talking to the wind." (Picture book)


Patricia Kummer

Get to know the people and places of Singapore – neighborhoods Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Glam, gardens, history and government, religions and festivals, food and clothing. Good for older kids. (Chapter book, photographs)


Singapore kids books
Bella's Chinese New Year singapore  
Bella's Chinese New Year
Stacey Zolt Hara, Steve Pileggi

Little Bella celebrates Chinese New Year with her friends at school in Singapore – they give oranges for luck, wear party clothes, make a traditional dish only eaten during the holiday, receive red envelopes, and wish everyone "Gong Xi Fa Cai!" (Picture book)


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