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Chiang Mai Zoo & Aquarium

    Chiang Mai Zoo –
chiang mai zoo

Highlights of the zoo are the Panda House with pandas munching on bamboo and playing in their own playground, mom and baby Asian elephant (baby is very cute), white tiger pacing back and forth, armor plated Indian rhino. In the Bird Park Aviary are topical birds, lorikeets, mandarin ducks, emerald doves, black swans.


Kids will enjoy feeding bananas to the elephants, and pony rides. Also check the panda feeding times, and schedule of the animal shows.

    Chiangmai Zoo Aquarium –

In front of the Aquarium is an artificial lake with pedal boating and water balls for rent. Before going inside, check out the Koi tank and Asian box turtles. The Aquarium is air conditioned, which feels good on a hot day.

chiang mai zoo aquarium

The Aquarium has tanks of freshwater fish which live in rivers of Southeast Asia (eels and Siamese tiger fish), beautiful tropical fish of coral reefs (clownfish, yellow tang) and all kinds of different coral (the brain coral is very cool). Little kids will enjoy the touch pool with bat rays.


The aquarium has two long underwater tunnels. The freshwater tunnel has Siamese giant carp, fly river turtles, Mekong and Chao Phraya giant catfish, and huge arapaima. The second tunnel has deep ocean fish white tip reef sharks, nurse sharks, leopard sharks, and giant groupers.


Check the schedule for fish feedings. At the aquarium is a restaurant with food and cold drinks. Tip: The zoo is spread out, and it's a hike from the zoo entrance to the Aquarium take the shuttle bus.


Editor's note: If younger kids need a change of pace from too many golden temples, the aquarium or zoo is a good choice, but in our opinion it's not a must-do activity while in Chiang Mai.

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