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Long Beach

long beach washington
Long Beach is a seaside resort town, where the whole family can relax, go biking or take horseback rides along the sand, play mini golf, rent mopeds for teens, ride bumper cars and go karts (junior track for little ones), eat up cotton candy, and kids can fly kites on an endless beach.
long beach washginton
  Go to the beach – The “world’s longest beach,” is a flat sandy beach that goes for miles in either direction. This is a beach where kids can build sand castles or look for crab shells and sand dollars, but it’s not a swimming beach (water is cold and rip tides are unpredictable).
    Along the beach are bike trails and a hiking trail, the Discovery Trail, that extends eight miles from the northern end of Long Beach, south to Beard’s Hollow in Cape Disappointment State Park.
    Following along the Discovery Trail from the center of town, stop to check out the silvery weathered skeleton of a gray whale.
    Horseback rides on the beach – Horseback rides on the beach are a long tradition at Long Beach. Go for a one hour guided ride (helmets provided) or half day trip to Beard’s Hollow. Pony rides are available for little ones. (Sid Sydney Drive, at the beach.)
  World Kite Museum – There's a big kite festival each year in August, the long sand beach is perfect for kite flying. Check out this homey kite museum, with kites from all over the world, especially China, Japan, Indonesia, Korea where kite flying is a big tradition, plus World War II kites (kites used for communication). Buy kites at the museum and go out and fly them on the beach!
    Double R Amusements – Small amusement park on the coast highway with rides for little kids, a carousel, bumper cars, tilt-a-whirl, and pinball.
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