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Michael Bedard, Barbara Cooney

A girl goes to visit the lady who writes poetry but never leaves her home – she is Emily Dickinson. The story of this great American poet glows with inner radiance, marvelous illustrations capture the beauty of the poet's world. (Picture book)


Discover the wideness and wonder of deserts and canyons through the eyes of painter Georgia O'Keefe. Deep-colored cut paper collages capture the artist's imagination and amazing landscapes that inspired her work. (Picture book)


Through Georgia's Eyes - kids books United States
One Beetle Too Many
Kathryn Lasky, Matthew Trueman

Celebrate the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin, intrepid explorer who loved bugs and worms and natural history, much to his parent's dismay. Fabulous mixed media collages capture the wonder and excitement of Darwin's round the world journey and voyage of discovery. (Picture book)


Arthur of Albion
John Matthews, Pavel Tatarnikov

All the magical stories of King Arthur, Camelot and the Round Table, Merlin the wise, adventures of the knights and queens, and the realm of Albion, a kingdom in the mists of time. Enchanting illustrations! (Illustrated chapter book)


Listen to the Wind
Greg Mortenson, Susan L. Roth

"We are the children of Korphe. Not so long ago we had out lessons outside. We learned to write with sticks, on the ground. Then Dr. Greg came to our village, and he listened to the wind ..." Gorgeous collages reach out and touch us. (Picture book)


Raleigh's Page
Alan Armstrong, Tim Jessell

It's 1584. Join Andrew, Sir Walter's Raleigh's page, on the adventure of a lifetime, sailing to the cities of Europe before voyaging to the New World. Andrew barely escapes imprisonment as a spy, capture by the Spanish, and shipwreck on the shores of Roanoke Island, Virgina. (Chapter book)


Raleigh's Page
Moon Landing
Richard Platt, David Hawcock

Journey to the moon with the Apollo astronauts, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing in July 1969. Rockets, space capsules, space suits, 3-D lunar lander, and the moon itself pop-off page, plus fun facts about the space program and Apollo crews. (Pop-up book)


The Monkey King
David Seow, L.K. Tay-Audouard

Tripitaka, a revered monk, embarks on a journey to find the words of peace and harmony, aided by quick-tempered Monkey, Great Sage Equal to Heaven, who can transform himself in a thousand and one ways. Fabulously illustrated! (Picture book)


If You Find a Rock
Barbara Hirsch Lember, Peggy Christian

Take the time to look at all the rocks around you. Is it a rock for skipping over the water, a climbing rock, a wishing rock, a hiding rock, a fossil rock, a memory rock? Luminous photographs sparkle with simple wonders right under our feet. (Picture book)


Fani Marceau, Joelle Jolivet

A royal tiger walks through the mangrove swamps in India, the sand burns so hot in the Sahara, mothers rock their babies in Hong Kong, flowers fill the meadows in Romania, snowflakes fall without a sound in the Italian Alps. A fold out book with a single panorama, each scene flows into the next; turn it over for nighttime around the world. (Oversize book)


Charles Darwin and the Beagle Adventure  

Go with young Charles Darwin on a five year voyage around the world. Inside are maps, ship's diagram, postcards, Darwin's first person accounts from the expedition, colorful drawings of amazing animals, exotic plants and native peoples. Like a long lost scrapbook, open the covers on a world of adventure. (Activity book)


A Season of Gifts
Richard Peck

In a small town, the last house is where ancient Mrs. Dowdel lives. The new family next door needs her help, although she might seem the least likely – Mrs. Dowdel outwits the local bullies, harvests the fruits of her haunted melon patch, and secretly pays for new windows in the church. Her gifts are ones that last a lifetime. (Chapter book)


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