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The Snowy Day
Jack Ezra Keats

One winter morning, a boy wakes up in the city and looks out his window. Everything is covered in deep snow! He puts on his snowsuit and runs outside. Fabulous collages capture a child's joy and imagination exploring his world – this classic is timeless. (Picture book)


The Storyteller
Evan Turk

A tale of Morocco, the fountains have all run dry in a kingdom on the edge of the great Sahara desert. A young boy meets the last storyteller, who tells a tale of the Glorious Blue Water Bird. A story within a story of the magic of telling stories and sharing them. Expressive collages, like a bright Moroccan tapestry. (Picture book)


The Travel Book
Lonely Planet Kids

Looking for ideas for summer travel? Take journey through every country in the world. Find out about wild animals, fun festivals, unusual foods, unique landscapes, busy cities, amazing people. Plus fun facts about each country. (Picture book)


Wake Up!
Helen Frost, Rick Lieder

“Come out and explore –
New life is exploding outside your door!”

Poems and gorgeous photographs, twin lambs snuggle together, a spotted fawn hides in the forest, furry woodchucks come out into the sunlight, baby robins open their beaks, dandelion seeds float away on the breeze. (Picture book)


Tide Pool Secrets
Narelle Oliver

Lift the flap to discover tide pool wonders – sea anemones nestled in the rocks, tiny shrimp floating by, sea stars with suction-cup feet, hermit crabs with mobile homes, octopus hides in inky clouds. Gorgeous two page illustrations. (Picture book)


Rhino in the House
Daniel Kirk

True story of Anna Merz, and Samia, a black rhino. Finding an abandoned baby rhino, Anna brings Samia home to the Lewa rhino sanctuary to care for her – what an adventure watching Samia grow up. Fabulous illustrations by Daniel Kirk. (Picture book.)


All in a Day
Cynthia Rylant, Nikki McClure

A day is a perfect piece of time
to live a life,
to plant a seed.

Poetry of a day in the sun, and all its possibilities, with delightful cut-paper illustrations. (Picture book.)


Sea Turtle Scientist
Stephen R. Swinburne

Follow Dr. Kimberly Stewart, "the turtle lady," as she studies endangered sea turtles in the Caribbean. Sea turtles are the largest reptile on earth, but with pollution in the ocean, and loss of nesting habitats, conservation efforts are essential to save these remarkable creatures. (Picture book.)



In Freetown Virginia, a farming community of freed slaves, Edna Lewis' family grew their own crops and gathered nature's gifts. Celebrate the changing seasons, harvesting wild berries and greens, honey, watermelon, corn, apples, plus recipes from this famous African-American chef. (Picture book.)


Pattan's Pumpkin
Chitra Soundar, Frane Lessac

Based on a traditional tale, in south India Pattan and his wife Kanni tend their goats, bulls, birds, and elephants. Pattan cares for a frail plant, that grows into a giant pumpkin, tall as a mountain. When a flood comes, Pattan hollows out the pumpkin, all the animals and living creatures climb in, the pumpkin floats to safety. Delightful illustrations. (Picture book)


pattan's pumpkin
Song of the Wild
Nicola Davies, Petr Horacek

A first book of animals, the author writes, "I've always loved to close my eyes and think about all the different animals alive right now in the world."

And what amazing variety – big and small, from giant blue whales to tiny hummingbirds, colors and shapes, animal homes and animal babies, with dazzling illustrations and lovely poems. (Picture book.)


A World of Cookies for Santa
M.E. Furman, Susan Gal

Take a sweet trip about the world, to discover tasty treats for Santa in 32 different countries – crispy kulkuls and chai in India, Spanish turron nougat candy, Norwegian rice pudding, Philippines puto seko cookies, Christmas bread in Chile, plus recipes for cookies to bake. (Picture book.)


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