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Throughout Travel for Kids you'll find books about different countries, people and places. Additionally, each month our staff chooses a "book for everywhere," featured on our home page.
Our staff pick might be the story of a boy who dreams of words and becomes the poet Pablo Neruda, or a Chinese tale of the journey of the magical monkey king, the vision of Wangari who re-planted the trees of Kenya, a guide for young explorers, a girl learns to listen to the wind and make tortillas round like the sun, adventures of a young boy on a round the world sailing voyage, an architect who turns nature into art, tracking animals in the wild and the importance of conservation, an activity kit of buried treasure, the true story of a young man who changes the lives of children in rural Pakistan.
Books for everywhere reach beyond a single person or country. Enchanting illustrations are works of art we can touch. We keep these books close by, a tangible reminder of imagination, adventure, and wonder in the world.
books for everywhere 2017
A World of Cities
James Brown

Discover 30 famous cities – climb Teotihuacan pyramids in Mexico City, sample crispy pancakes in Seoul, explore New York, most populous city in the United States, and more! Book is packed with fun facts and fascinating history of each city. (Oversize picture book)


Finding Langston
Lesa Cline-Ransome

It's 1946, eleven year old Langston and his dad move from rural Alabama to Chicago. Amidst big city noise and loneliness, Langston takes refuge in the Chicago public library, open to everyone, and discovers his namesake, the famous black poet Langston Hughes. This is a gem. (Chapter book)

I pick up my life
And take it with me
And I put it down in
Chicago, Detroit,
Buffalo, Scranton.


Finding Langston
Highest Mountain, Smallest Star
Page Tsou, Kate Baker

A book of natural wonders, from the highest mountains (Everest) to smallest star (neutron star), largest animals, deepest oceans, biggest storms, lost world of giants, microscopic life, see pyramid of Giza compared St. Peter's Basilica to compared to a dinosaur. Fabulous illustrations! (Oversize picture book)


Along Came Coco
Eva Byrne

Coco Chanel changed the way women dressed and looked forever – swimsuits, blue and white striped shirts, comfortable little black dress, short hair. Eye catching, exuberant illustrations will take you to Paris! (Picture book)


Little Whale
Jo Weaver

A baby gray whale follows her mother on a long journey, through seas that shimmered and danced, to their home in the north. Gorgeous artwork portrays wonders of gray whales and their yearly migration. (Picture book)


How Plants and Trees Work
Christiane Dorion, Beverley Young

Hands on guide to plants, flowers, seeds, trees, how they grow, defend themselves, live in different habitats, world's weirdest plants, and why they are so important (tip: plants give out oxygen). Stellar illustrations! (Pop-up activity book)



Oceans are home to tiny plankton and world's largest animal, the blue whale. Color the illustrations, place 80 removable stickers, and learn about creatures of the deep blue sea. (Activity sticker book)


Curious Kids Nature Guide
Fiona Cohen, Marni Fylling

Explore habitats of the Pacific Northwest – forests with giant trees and diverse wildlife, beaches and tide pools, freshwater rivers and ponds, changing seasons throughout the year. 100 fabulous illustrations of animals, plants, and fascinating facts. (Guide)


curious kids nature guide
riding a donkey backwards  
Riding a Donkey Backwards
Sean Taylor, Khayaal Theatre, Shirin Adl

Tales of Mulla Nasruddin, wisest man in the village, sometimes foolish too, a beloved figure throughout the Middle East. Each story is a gem! (Picture book)


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