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Throughout Travel for Kids you'll find books about different countries, people and places. Additionally, each month our staff chooses a "book for everywhere," featured on our home page.
Our staff pick might be the story of a boy who dreams of words and becomes the poet Pablo Neruda, or a Chinese tale of the journey of the magical monkey king, the vision of Wangari who re-planted the trees of Kenya, a guide for young explorers, a girl learns to listen to the wind and make tortillas round like the sun, adventures of a young boy on a round the world sailing voyage, an architect who turns nature into art, tracking animals in the wild and the importance of conservation, an activity kit of buried treasure, the true story of a young man who changes the lives of children in rural Pakistan.
Books for everywhere reach beyond a single person or country. Enchanting illustrations are works of art we can touch. We keep these books close by, a tangible reminder of imagination, adventure, and wonder in the world.
Africa, Amazing Africa
Atinuke, Mouni Feddag

Discover Africa today – fifty-five different countries, the people, wildlife, traditions, languages, music, sports, religions, nomads and skyscrapers, deserts, rain forests and snowy mountains. Filled with colorful maps, this is a top staff pick! (Picture book)


If Tigers Disappeared
Lily Williams

Tigers have lived in Asia for millions of years. They are especially important to ancient traditions of India, China and Korea. But tigers are endangered due to loss of forest habitats. Learn about essential role of tigers in preserving forest ecosystems. (Picture book)


Child of the Flower-Song People
Gloria Amescua, Duncan Tonatiuh

Luz Jimenez, a descendant of the Aztec flower-song people, became a model for Mexico's famous artists in the early 20th century. She found a way to preserve the language, culture and traditions of the Nahua, a living link to the "soul of Mexico."(Picture book)



Monet's paintings are in many art museums around the world. This is a lovely book about about why Monet painted different famous paintings, an introduction to Impressionism, and where to see Monet's work in art museums. (Picture book)


Biking with Grandma
Chris Santella, Vivienne To

Go on a fun worldwide adventure with Grandma Rose – exploring mountains and deserts in national parks, San Juan Islands, Tasmania, Hanoi, Tokyo, France, Tuscany, Botswana, Costa Rica, andCanada, spotting wildlife, eating banh mie and gelato, kayking and snorkeling, watching stars in the night sky. (Picture book)


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