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Throughout Travel for Kids you'll find books about different countries, people and places. Additionally, each month our staff chooses a "book for everywhere," featured on our home page.
Our staff pick might be the story of a boy who dreams of words and becomes the poet Pablo Neruda, or a Chinese tale of the journey of the magical monkey king, the vision of Wangari who re-planted the trees of Kenya, a guide for young explorers, a girl learns to listen to the wind and make tortillas round like the sun, adventures of a young boy on a round the world sailing voyage, an architect who turns nature into art, tracking animals in the wild and the importance of conservation, an activity kit of buried treasure, the true story of a young man who changes the lives of children in rural Pakistan.
Books for everywhere reach beyond a single person or country. Enchanting illustrations are works of art we can touch. We keep these books close by, a tangible reminder of imagination, adventure, and wonder in the world.
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its a wonderful world  

Our world is wonderful, from tiny lichen and picasso beetles, to coral reefs home to 1 million kinds of plants and animals, mountains everywhere, even at bottom of the ocean, but loss of habitats, forests turned to deserts, and extreme weather, we need to protect the planet and change the future. (Picture book)


A Sweet New Year for Ren
Michelle Sterling, Hung Do

Every year Ren's family gathers together to prepare special dishes for the Lunar New Year. Ren helps make pineapple cakes – golden dough filled with pineapple jam. (Picture book)

This delightful book inspired us to bake pineapple cakes! Recipe on our blog.


where three oceans meet  
Where Three Oceans Meet
R. Larocca, A. Sreenivasan

Travel with Sejal, her mother and grandmother to southern tip of India. They visit temples and extended family, take a boat ride down winding river, eat delicious food, and arrive at Kanyakumari, where three oceans meet. Beautifully illustrated! (Picture book)


Pancakes to Parathas
Alice B. McGinty, Tomoko Suzuki

What do kids eat for breakfast around the world? In China families eat sticky rice balls, parathas are popular in India, kids munch on crunchy akara fritters on their way to school in Nigeria, chocolate sprinkles on bread (hagelslag) are classic in the Netherlands. (Picture book)


pancakes to parathas
50 adventures in the 50 states  
50 Adventures in the 50 States
Kate Siber, Lydia Hill

Outdoor adventures in each of the 50 states – beaches of California, kayaking in Boston, Hawaii volcanoes, climb a mountain in New Hampshire, go snorkeling in Florida, camp on Manitou Island in Michigan, sled down sand dunes in New Mexico, and more. (Big picture book)



concentric circles
record spring and summer growth
a tree's diary

Trees are our treasure on earth. Trees in every season, and life cycle – seeds, outside and inside roots, bark, trunk, leaves, photosynthesis, plus timeline and facts about wonder and science of trees. Gorgeous illustrations paired with the poems. (Picture book)

roller-coaster breeze …
flat-stemmed quaking aspen leaves
tremble as they ride


trees haiku from roots to leaves
animal atlas  
Animal Atlas
Ingela P. Arrhenius

Lift-the-flap to discover animals from all over the world, perfect for little kids. Find out about climate, landscape, animals of Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and Antarctica. Delightful illustrations of all the animals, toddlers will want to pick their favorite (ours is a colossal squid). (Picture book)


How Old is a Whale
Lily Murray, Jesse Hodgson

How long do animals live? For a mayfly it's one day, honeybee 5 - 7 weeks, giant Pacific octopus 3 to 5 years, grizzly bear 20 to 30 years, elephants 60 to 70 years, lobsters 100+ years, whale 200+ years, glass sponge 11,000 years, immortal jellyfish turns back into a polyp. Fascinating! (Picture book)


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