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Travel for Kids selected family accommodations, all styles and price ranges, near to fun things to do with kids:

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Edinburgh is a city that captures the imagination - cobbled streets lead into unexpected places, where unicorns, a dog, illustionist street performers, fairy cakes, and the Stone of Destiny await.

Plan your trip, when Scotland does open for vaccinated international travelers..

Edinburgh Photo Album

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Watch Travel for Kids video, Glen Nevis and Steall Falls, Scotland

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You'll find many children's books for different destinations on Travel for Kids. Also, each month we choose a "book for everywhere," books that reach beyond borders.

wonder walkers
Wonder Walkers
Micha Archer

" I wonder ... Do mountains have bones? Are forests the mountain's fur? Is fog the river's blanket? Are shells the shore's necklace? Is the ocean the world's bath? ... Is the wind the world breathing?" Fabulous paper collages, go outdoors and see the world in a new way! (Picture book)

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Family travel summer 2021.

Tips for US and international travel, updated frequently as things change.

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Why two websites - as with kids, one size does not fit all.
Where are Pengos in the big photo?
Inverness Scotland, searching for the Loch Ness monster.
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